Irene Monje Martínez

Intervention on public space
Spray on cement.
Camí del Cementeri, Burjassot
1m x 15 cm

This proposal tries to activate small details typical of nature in a suburban context. With it, it is intended to make present the climatic emergency in which we find ourselves and how these messages intersect in our daily lives. Aesthetically, red in contrast to white and green makes it difficult to neglect this aspect between the poetic and the psychological.

The methodology used is based on a situationist drift in which nature springs wild in an urban, rectilinear and gray environment. Since it is a transit area, the intervention required speed and discretion, characteristics that the classic spray bottle brings together, which is why I have opted for this technique, despite its contraindication at an ecological level. In any case, it is a minimal intervention that does not contribute to the ecological footprint. And even though the medium is a bit counterproductive in relation to the purpose of the proposal, it can be a symbol of the historical context in which we live, the double standard in which we take refuge in order to know how to act between what we think and what we actually do. we can act, without creating much psychological damage. This may be a kind of political meme.

Finally, what is intended is to ask a question to people who walk, Why do plants bleed? Why will there be blood between the cement and the vegetation? Why is nature dead? Is humor our best weapon against annihilation?