Lucas Selezio de Souza


Displacements. Inhabiting the intangible is the first monographic exhibition by Lucas Selezio de Souza (Florianópolis, 1993). The piece arises from his research on construction materials and the relationship between fashion, architecture and sculpture.

In this exhibition, de Souza reflects on the nomadic facet of the human being based on the concept of displacement. The human being is a nomad and has expanded his presence on the planet motivated to a great extent by famine, war and intolerance, but also by this inner drive to divest himself of the tangible and immerse himself in the uncertainty of the road. The displacements he undertakes provoke a restructuring of the world: more than a change of landscape, they are the stopover of a dialectical process of reconstruction of an ‘I’ threatened by the intangibility of home.

The artist intervenes in fabrics linked to the world of civil construction with techniques typical of fashion and costume, taking into account the intrinsic relationship between clothing and architecture established by Gottfried Semper in The Four Elements of Architecture. From this, bags and sandals emerge, pieces exhibited together with an endless number of objects that accompany the traveler in his exile.

The work, conceived as a site specific for the Espai Jove VLC exhibition hall, dialogues with the space and the history of the neighborhood in which it is located, going back to the old Algirós road and the constant transit between the Cabañal and the old Turia riverbed. In this non-place, a space of uncertainty and anonymity, de Souza reveals the conflict experienced by the traveler who, passing through the landscape, inhabits an ephemeral home.