Xylographic print on photographs.
Series of black and white photographs with the same xylographic print on them. 
Russafa, València, 2022. 

How much do you drink? The usual. I have heard this answer before and I decided to use it as the title because it defines quite precisely the subject of this proposal. In the Spanish State, where I have absorbed the culture, there is a worrying normalization of alcohol consumption. We are accustomed to socialize around the consumption of alcohol, both in bars, as in entertainment venues, such as family meals or gatherings of friends. And this situation has only increased since the pandemic, when the only place we were allowed to go to get out of our confinement was the bar. 

In this capitalist society based on consumption in general we have a clear tendency to assume alcohol as one more element of our routine, and to accept the state of drunkenness as a necessary point, or at least totally “normal”, to meet with friends.

For this proposal, I decided to take photographs of family or friends meetings, both in private homes and in bars, and print on the image of the tables some bottles of alcohol by woodcutting, to highlight how alcohol seems to be present in all our meetings, and it is also welcome.