Salomé Rodríguez Gónzalez (Guest Artist)

analog photos

The world from covid-19, changed our ways of relating and perceiving ourselves in it, and the evidence of this more than perceptual was media. From the new technologies the truth has become more a reflection on it than an evidence to the naked eye, the world since they did not share it as an image (that of the map for example) has been and continues to be a fiction, but its content us all not. Our oldest narratives give us reason for this, we have always been narrating the world and always our themes are the same, us, our environment and our things, today as it was yesterday and in the encounter of cultures we recognize our diversities that bring us together in the mythical approach of narrating the world; time o and popol vuh tell us two stories, two ways of perceiving the origin of the world and how today these differences enrich our perception of it by confronting the fiction of a world in reverse. And all seen from the window.

It is an installation composed of four analog photos taken on a trail of a socially vulnerable area in the city of Cali-Colombia, with a home development in the 90s, the photos intervened with texts of the Popol vuh and the Timeo, as a collage and installed on the world map upside down. This map backwards is my guiding thread of my fiction in the dialogical relationship between two worlds I create another fiction with objects that nobody wants in a post-covid world one after one fiction after another fiction.