Desirée Ferreira(guest artist)

Digital image

How can I walk around my city, Porto Alegre (BR), without fear? What are the ways to visually approach a feeling, a sensation, something intangible? When I came across these questions, I started browsing Google Maps to understand the paths I was taking. From the paths I took, I started to create maps of the paths, marking the geographical lines that the body occupied.

The Mapas-Poéticos are part of the project Até Onde Vai? and they are individual pieces built from the experience of the sensitive, which I used documents collected during the walks to develop them. Initially, I made poetry.I reorganized the reports, extracting phrases that captured the essence of the journeys. On the computer, I composed digital images from a mixture of tools and languages. I marked the routes on Google Maps, reconstructing the routes already experienced by the body. Having a base image, in Adobe Illustrator, I rendered it and, taking advantage of the program’s resources, I drew from the image in which I erased texts, I changed the passages to then, in Adobe Photoshop, put the words and phrases written by me as names of streets. Layer by layer, we arrive at the result that unites poetry and image, resulting in Mapas-Poéticos.