UNDER CONSTRUCTION – land consumed

Sandra Jover Ruano

Duration 2:21 min.
YouTube appropriation and montage
Valencia, 2022

This proposal arises from the main motivation of carrying out a kind of comparison/opposition of
the garden with the modernized world, as the common thread of the work as a whole; as well as
the constant transformation of the territory, in which a greater importance falls both
economically and on the part of the masses and of capitalist society in consumption, in this case
of soccer, same hectares of land but a different field.
Specifically, it focuses on the memory of the demolition of the Forn de la Barraca farmstead in
2019, built in 1900, (symbol of the defense of the orchard) in the face of the paused construction
of the Nou Mestalla.
The conflict arises when carrying out the extension of the V-21, totally unnecessary that
supposes the disappearance of 60,000 square meters of Valencian orchard. An unnecessary
construction according to the sources, compared to a work on pause, “unnecessary”.

60,000 m2 – 60,000 empty stands

On the other hand, comparing it in turn with the situation of the pandemic, a slight relationship

is found in terms of the constant addition and consumption of videos on the Internet, over-
information and automatic search, sometimes unconscious, of all kinds of data. Thus, both the

collapse and saturation of images-audios on the screen as well as their superimposition and
repetition, playing with time, alluding to memory, are some of the resources used.
All this audiovisual material that stars in the work has been appropriated from news from
different internet sources.
The main voice is selected from an interview with Miguel Zorío, businessman and representative
of Marea Valencianista, who seems to be “the only businessman who has publicly presented an
offer for Valencia CF with a project for the club and the stadium”. His intervention throughout
the audiovisual piece is the voice of capitalism.